1. Health and Safety Management System: - Legal Appointments. - Health and Safety Procedures (Mandatory and Company) - Drafting and Implementing of COP’s and SOP’s - Health and Safety Policies. - Drafting of Induction Program - Contractor Management - Drafting of Training Material and Toolbox Talks/ Safety Talks 2. Monitoring and Auditing in the Workplace: - Workshops. - Mining Operations. - Processing Plants. - Offices. 3. SHEQ File Development, Compilation and Management. 4. SHEQ Legal Inspections. 5. Risk Management System: - Baseline Risk Assessment. - Issue-Based Risk Assessment. - Continuous Risk Assessment. - Assess Hazards and Risk Assessments. 6. Comprehensive Incident and Accident Investigations. 7. DMR: - Applications (500m Blasting Permission, 100m Mining Permission, Sunday Labour, Bench Deliveries, Eskom, SANRAL, Transnet) - Section 54 Management - Section 55 Management - Assistance with Name Change of Current Mines and Companies 8. Advising both Employer and Employee on health and safety practices


1. Explosives Compliance according to MHSA and CIE. 2. Explosive User File Management 3. Broker and Dealer of Explosives 4. Licensing of New Mines or Name Changed Mines and Persons as User of Explosives 5. Appointment of Responsible Explosives Manager Magazine Master and Explosives Receivers 6. Applying for TTP’s and CTP’s 7. Import and Export Permits 8. Amending Permits 9. Magazine Services 10. Transportation of Explosives 11. Compliance requirements for pumping of explosives underground 12. Approval of construction for magazines 13. Approval of rapid reloading sites and relevant permits and permissions from DMR and CIE 14. Approval of shaft delivery Bay’s 15. Delivering schedules for CTPs at shaft delivery bay’s 16. Supply of Explosives boxes 8 & 16 and “OLD” explosives boxes 17. Licensing of explosive vehicles and mixing vehicles 18. Approval and licensing of pumping modules 19. Destruction of Old Explosives 20. Marketing of Explosives 21. Competent authority to witness explosives test for UN classification. 22. Legal compliance: manufacturing of explosives 23. ZA-X applications – new and existing explosives 24. Training: Magazine Master and Responsible Person


1. Emergency Preparedness 2. First Aid Box Compliance 3. Emergency Drills 4. COVID-19 Compliance 5. HIV/ AIDS Awareness 6. TB Awareness